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India is shining any way -Some Developmental issues of my small village

Any way India is Shining:
Some Developmental issues of my small village 

This time,I would like to take up the issue of development for the sake of poor villagers,mostly  S.C and B.C community belonging to my native village ,there  is no self interest involved in this initiative..

I would like to high light the developmental issues like school and drinking water at my native village Malkangiri Village,Basheerabad Mandal ,Ranga Reddy Dist -A.P,which is about 130 KM from Hyderabad.
This is how "Right to Education" act is  implementation by the state? 

This is a story of every village ,where if building is in a good condition ,teachers will not available to teach or if teacher is available ,building will be in bad condition.This is mockery of Right to Education Act.

The education is important sector for any flourishing economy,poor educational infrastructure facilities  in   villages indeed a negative point in development index.

Due to educational backwardness, the village is lagging behind socially as well as economically,poor people adopt  superstitious practices,Chetabadi  and witchcraft as well as casteism rampant among the people.
More over ,the number of  crimes has increased over the last decade due to our poor conviction rate in the courts[poor criminal justice system],corruption in police&local administration,witness turning hostile [poor moral &ethical accountability among people,won over with money or fear of physical attacks or property loss]and lack of fear of punishment among the people[Rape,Murder,Theft,Property-related offencesi.e endowment lands &private property encroachments,family disputes abduction,suicides,cheating,illegal Arrack sale ,cases were reported last 15-20 yrs,the  number of school drop outs and college drop out  increased over the years,it also  reflect poor educational levels of the village ,more over unemployment among youth increased,it is pertinent to say that only education can empower the people from the darkness and build social awareness.

Village School building

Right to Potable drinking water denied to poor villagers. 

Local  MLA inaugurated the water tank in 2011 , poor yet to get a bucket of water from tank ,Tank now a ornamental piece of the village 
The Right to water is Human Rights issue ,this is a protected water supply scheme,tank was constructed long time back but villagers are not receiving drinking water as there is no water supply from the bore-well[source],concerned authorities are not making any efforts to draw water from other sources i.e from streams and check dams ,which exists with in few K M radius.
Since 2004-2013 the issue of water tank pending ,its reflect apathy of governmental authorities and people representatives like M.L.A &M.P.
I gave several representations and also filed RTI applications to concerned authorities they acted  halfheartedly to avoid a legal case  ,but never solved the problem on permanent basis.The C.E.O ,Ranga Reddy Zilla Parishad assured me that problem will be solved on permanent basis ,but still it is trapped in red tapism,authorities still dodging the issue.

Only hand pump serving entire village  water needs [population of  400 people mostly S.C/B.C community ] ]exists in the farm land of Damodhar Rao

S.C colonies still don't have taps &good sanitation
Now this hand pump has been restored after my representation.

people wait for MLA/MP /authorities to solve their problems at this rachabanda/chabutar
condition of internal road

whether Hanuman Temple repaired or some holy mutt swami visited the village,it does not makes any difference to poor people,but people badly need drinking water ,badly need school building for the their children,need to think differently and shun hypocrisy 

Newly constructed Govt upper primary school &Aganwadi centre near Kashimpur

Route map of Village :

This is a another clear case ,where funds meant for development not reaching the poor&downtrodden

It is not an exaggeration to say shameless, greedy,immoral,unethical &corrupt leaders[neta's] and maladministration are main hurdles for the development of the villages in India.

We proudly say we are world largest democracy with lengthiest constitution,but reality is some thing different.a

Any way India is Shining

About Author.

M.Ravi Kumar B.A,LL.M,PGDHR is an Advocate,A.P High Court and other courts &Former legal consultant to A.P's women,commission,traveled wide across the state of A.P in UNICEF sponsored Legal Literacy Program for women. one of the topper in the law field from the most backward Mandal in the district ,got 440 state rank in LAWCET,9th rank in LL.M[International law branch] O.U and Legal researcher ..
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