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False Gods ,False Icons of Corporate world -Wall Street Protest

False Gods ,False Icons of Corporate world -Wall Street Protest :

The wall street protest has spread to Boston,Chicago,Los Angles and other cities and towns of USA ,it is one of signs of growing hostility towards capitalism and demand for social equality.The large scale demonstration by unemployed youth against corporates are seen in USA after more than 30 yrs ,in an article by New York Times financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, who quoted a Wall Street CEO worried about his “personal safety” and warned that the protest constituted “a warning shot about the kind of civil unrest that may emerge—as we’ve seen in some European countries—if our economy continues to struggle.”, obviously, it is fall out of Lehman brothers bankruptcy  episode in the USA[massive devaluation of assets by credit agencies&drastic losses in stock market] .The employees and unemployed youth are demanding livable income ,decent standard of living ,health care ,housing ,social security measures, apart from that ,they are demanding social control of banks and other big corporations which are controlling the USA.'s economy.

Ironically,we saw some foolish people mourning the death of some one, who happened to be of CEO of the company known for iPhone/PC ,irrespective of corporate world comparing him to Albert Einstein or Graham Bell or Henry Ford for phenomenal growth of the company, he is better known for unjust profits and unethical growth.We also saw some of the fools of Hyderabad,India mourned the death of some one.who happened to be baron of [so-called ]Institutes of Higher Learning,facing series of litigation in the courts from students as well as  employees.I pity these foolish people and I can only pray to god to give them wisdom to understand corporate exploitation of people and natural resources. These organization earned millions at what cost?Whether so- called icons should be worshiped for any extra -ordinary human qualities or for purely manipulative personality traits or cunning  business tactics to survive in corporate world ,or their mad craze to project their organisation as profit making to gain market acceptability and good will by indulging in cheap media publicity. 
We should not be surprised ,the same people will protest the conviction of the Gali Janardhan Reddy and Rama Linga Raju ,who have become an symbol of modern corporate crimes in India [ white collar crimes] They are also icons for these foolish people.It is understandable and if we read the works of Sutherland[was the first person to coin the word White Collar crimes] or Marxist criminologist, the most icons or gods worshiped by the corporate and commercial world are better known to be White Collar Criminals for corporate crimes and their adventures by manipulating their balance sheet to gain market creditability,so as to increase their share value in bullion market,it is rubbish and height of stupidity on the part of corporate world to call them a role model or icons to the gullible youngsters and young executives. 

When I was student of under -graduation ,I used to regard great political thinkers like J.S.Mill ,John Locke ,Bentham,John Austin ,Karl Marx  F.Engels ,Leo Tolstoy ,Aristotle,Pluto and Socrates as real contributors  to the world political thought and treated them as iconic figures for their great works, While I was pursuing post graduation in International  law , I used to regard Hugo Grotius as iconic figure in the field of International Law ,[apart from being known father of International Law]. We used to hear with rapt attention ,the lessons on economics of John Maynard Keynes or John Galbraith.

At least,I don't suggest my kids to read biography of Steve jobs or warren Buffet.I would rather suggest my kids to read events and factual matrix's  unfolded in American Revolution , Russian Revolution , French Revolution , English Revolution or Indian Independence Struggle,it helps them to understand the saga of human struggle,Evolution of civilization and evolution of freedom struggles after dismantling feudal /monarchical exploitative world,I believe it is real education to kids&youngsters to increase their intellect ,reasoning and enhances sense of justice. . 

It is laughable to suggest the young people should  read the books of Steve Jobs or books like How to Become Millionaire fortnight or How to become Rich &Famous or How to hatch eggs & chicken,it is nothing but concentrating on Master of business education on purely profit making exercises through unethical business practices and exploitative traits,it is nothing but suggesting individual enrichment or organizational growth at the cost of exploitation of the people and nation , as whole  by taking advantage of defective system and poor governance. 

There is need to check corporate crimes and punish the white collar criminals ,which will stop the exploitation of people.The world is witnessing growing hostility towards corporates and its criminality ,who are personally enriching at the cost of the nation and its people.The time has ripen for the emancipation of people from modern form of slavery of the people by the greedy corporate honchos.There is a need for equal distribution  of the profits and work for social equality. I don't prefer to call Steve Jobs or Warren buffet as icons or genius of the world.  

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