Friday, October 7, 2011

Unicef sponsored program in DD - Kyunki Jeena Issi Ka Naam hai

Unicef sponsored program in DD- Kyunki  Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai 

The Indian state owned public broadcaster Doordarshan National was very popular during black /white era ,only free to air channel before cable T.V revolution ,its programs like Ramayan,Mahabharat ,Rangoli,Hum log,Nukkad,World this week were blockbusters and attracted highest TRP rating.But Doordarshan was also known for education -related programs on various public issues.There is tremendous revolution of DTH/Cable TV revolution in the urban and rural areas.Most programs in private channels are made with commercial mindset and with a view to gain TRP rating.But even today ,Doordarshan is free to air ,still holds viewership in rural India despite DTH age,even today , Doordarshan national network airs programs of educative value,One of most popular educative show is 'UNICEF' sponsored "Kyunki Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai" ,its is not like Ektha kapoor soap opera-sagas ,Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi{Because a Mother-in-law was once a Daughter-in-law too}. it is not cat fight Daughter-in -law and mother-in-law,it is purely educative value show,which deals with girl education, marriage ,education and social issues ,unlike other show 'Jeenaki Ashaa' by NDTV deals with Child Mortality& Women health,Kyunki Jeena Issi Naam Hai enjoys popular viewership among masses.

"Kyunki Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai" was most watched show between 2009-2010,more than three years of  broadcast, it covered wide range of social issues and health issues like 
  1. Hygiene and sanitation[use of toilets &hand washing],
  2. Girls education 
  3. Safe motherhood
  4. Immunization
  5. Child marriage
  6. Diseases-diarrhea,coughs&cold,serious illness like HIV/AIDS.
  7. Women Empowerment &Gender justice.
  8. Right to information.
Kyunki Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai continues to inspire the girl's education and increase the social awareness in the rural areas.It is fact that many rural house hold do not subscribe cable T.V/DTH,the shows like Kyunki Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai is mirror of society and creating awareness among rural masses,who are mostly illiterates.It is playing important role in promotion of improving literacy rate among girls.   

There is a need for more such shows to increase awareness among rural areas and urban areas on the issues like;
  1. Voting rights
  2. Right to Information
  3. Right to Education
  4. Child labour
  5. National Employment guarantee scheme
  6. Women's reservation
  7. PNDT act
  8. Domestic violence
  9. consumer Rights
  10. Small saving
There is need to empower rural masses through wide spread literacy education and spread awareness on social issues,which will help them cope up the life 's challenges and helping them to improve life -skills,it also help them to become effective and informed citizens.


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