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Please avoid wrong side of law

Please avoid wrong side of law:
The Latin terms " Igorantia facti excusat means ignorance of fact excuses;Ignorantia legis neminem excusat means Ignorance of law excuses no body.Every person presume to know  the piece of  legislation of the country.If you commit illegal act,you will not be pardoned, because you are ignorant of law.The common man is unaware of many laws and regulations, some times even educated people feign the ignorance of existence of the law and regulations , the law is nothing but common sense,respect it to avoid problems.There are many  laws and regulations ,which are professionally enacted by experts for common good and welfare.
Know the law:
  1. Obey all laws  for your own good  and laws are made for common good,one must respect constitution,national emblem ,anthem and flag.
    1. Do not take law into hands by hurting  ,assaulting,injuring or killing other person ,except for private defence or else you will face criminal action,report to nearest police station ,if some body is misbehaving with you&troubling you .
      1. Always respect privacy of others ,avoid scandal's remarks and malicious statement or base less allegations ,You will face defamation case.
        1. Avoid negligence viz rash,negligent,drunken driving,handling poisonous substances,licensed weapons;your negligent action not only invites peril to you and but also others ,negligence may  cost your life  also.     
          1. Be respectful to public officials viz. show your identity cards ,driving license and other documents ,whenever demanded by law enforcement officials like police/RTA.
            1. Don't hide any information ,when public officials knock your door for purpose of voters list &census ,cooperate with officials or give total cooperation with police ,if they are investigating any crime.
            2. Don't play with public document like Pass-port,Pan card,Ration card ,Adhaar card,Land documents [pattedar pass book or title books],Voters card ,remember you don't have power to do self- corrections ,altercations or modifications.Don't get public documents with false information,it is offence.
              1. Pay your taxes and public utility bills promptly and  regularly to avoid legal complications Viz .Municipal tax ,Income tax,Professional tax,Wealth tax,water ,electricity  etc. 
              2. Obey all traffic rules and carry all documents like Driving license,registration and insurance papers ,drive your own vehicle and don't give your vehicle to others or under-aged son or daughter .Any negligent handling, you are unlikely to get insurance settlement amount and may face criminal action .
              3. It is advisable to construct your house according to Municipal authorities/panchayat  approved plan &lay-outs and avoid legal problems.
                1. Don't let out your house without any ID proof of tenant ,insists for written rental deed.Keep an eye on tenant and his activities,report the law enforcing officials ,if suspicious or anti-social activities of tenant.Legally owner can be made liable for tenant's crimes.
                2. You are duty bound to give information to law enforcing authorities ,if any body is planning any unlawful or anti-national activities or conspiring to commit non-cognizable offenses like Murder or rape,legally hiding information amounts to crime.
                3. Avoid habitual litigant tag, settle your all disputes amicably through discussions,negotiation and conciliation methods rather than approaching courts.If family joint property disputes are involved ,seek the help of elders and relatives.
                4. Please cross checks the antecedents of bride or bride groom or person who are loving or life partner or companion before committing to life long relationship[like job&family background,cross check antecedents of bride and bridegroom staying abroad];Don't give or take dowry / costly items ,it amounts to crime.
                5. Settle your marital problems through counselling and negotiations ,don't rush to courts and police ,don't wash your dirty-linen in public ,approaching courts&police should be last option or last resort .Some times, filling cases /seeking the help of the police can be counter productive and complicate the issues.
                6. If you respect other's   privacy,your privacy will be respected-be good neighbour by behaving sensibly &don't cause nuisance to them [like using loud speakers&dumping waste]
                7. It is advisable to cross check before employing some one[driver/maid] ,demand documents like I.D proof and photographs,be sensible with your employees,however rude they may be.Never employ children ,it is an offence.
                8. Do ethical business &adopt ethical business practices,do business legally by following registration process,be it solo,partnership,limited liability partnership or company business.It is advisable to follow due process of law ,while removing employees from rolls,don't adopt&follow hire-fire method,you are duty bound  to follow all  regulatory compliance and legal due- diligence to avoid litigation and bad reputation in society.
                9. If you are seeking employment ,give correct information and accurate data,don't furnish false information&false certificates,it amounts to cheating for seeking employment.employment. Don't hide information of past court case,it amounts to intentional suppression of material fact.  
                10. Be good &informed consumer[Buyers-be-aware];Cross check your items before purchasing items like warranty,date of manufacture,date of expiry,manufacturer address/help line.Insists for original finale receipt than in -voice of transaction,it helps in case of replacement or litigation for damages,un-receipt transactions means un-accounted ,it amounts to cheating /making black money.
                11. It is advisable to re-pay your bank loans ,the same amount will be used for lending loan  to other needy people.It is advisable to cross check bank transaction&exercise due &caution in all transaction  especially ,when you are ATM-Credit cards-Online payments to avoid complications&fraud.
                12. It is advisable  to invest recognized banks  &financial institutes ,don't get lured by fake bank&F.I ,who promises high rate of interest .
                13. It is advisable to admit your children in legally recognized educational institute &universities,avoid trauma of getting fake certificates and losing career.Legally recognized means institutes with valid recognition from State Government,Central Government ,statutory authorities like HRD /UGC/AICTE/MCI/BCI/PCI etc
                14. It is advisable to avoid buying pirated or fake goods ,you are encouraging sellers to violate Intellectual Property Rights.
                15. Always remember,when you are visiting the foreign country  for the first time ,know its rules ,regulations and culture.Always  carry documents with you and be perfect in documentation to avoid immigration problems ,avoid agent's services.It is advisable to cross check the foreign university/employer legal status before taking admission or job and avoid visa /immigration problems.Beware of NRI bride and bridegroom background,many cases of cheating reported.Don't route your money through hawala operators ,always chose legal routes to remit the money.  
                16. Don't give bribe for priority preference of your work in any public offices ,don't approach touts and middlemen for any work,giving or taking bribe amounts to crime.

                  Self Help is best help :
                  •  No one can get away with crime ,however ,smart she or he presumes , obviously laws are made to be  respected and followed.The law  will take it own course ,in case of any breach,even smart people like Ramalinga Raju[even got best 'Global Entrepreneur award'] or Gali Janardhan Reddy never thought [even in dream] that they will be jailed for wrong doing after enjoying life like emperor.The fraud and justice never dwell together. 
                  • If you have any doubts about any law or state regulations,it is advised to approach nearest qualified legal professional to seek appropriate advice to avoid complications and messy situation.A wise counsel can save your  life and protect you from disgrace and humiliation.
                  • If you belongs to S.T. S.C or Women or economically poor ,state legal aid is available at free of cost,you can approach nearest court, where state legal services authority office is located to help you in case of any grievance or pursuing litigation.
                  • If you are residing in foreign country,you can approach your own  embassy for help.If you are facing legal problems/false implication  ,you have right to represent lawyer/inform your near &dear. 
                  Always remember law helps those,who are vigilant ,not indolent [ one who sleep over their rights].Law does not regard a fraction of day.Law is friend of none.

                  "All things and all people in life have to sink or swim on their own merits"

                  "He who is placed out of the law is civilly dead".

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