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Whether Books will disappear in Digital age ?Digital Age; bane or Benefits

Whether Books will disappear in Digital Age ?Digital  Age: bane or Benefits :

John Walsh laments the death of the reference book in an article published in the book section of "Independent".It is the fact that we are in information age or Google age and most people,who are familiar with computers are switching to E-book and online resources,instead of using public library &information facilities,it appears that in Google age /internet age ,no one is using or ordering the dictionaries like Oxford dictionary ,Cambridge dictionary ,Chambers dictionary ,Thesaurus or Encyclopedia Britannica.

The Encyclopedia Britannica ,voluminous reference books becomes first casualty of digital revolution or internet revolution,publishers decided to halt the print publication after 244 years of publishing,it's legacy dates back American Revolution,32 volumes 2010 year edition will be last print edition from house of Encyclopedia Britannica However online edition will be available.Over the years the 'Wikipedia' emerged as a competitor to Britannica Encyclopedia,most experts say it is as accurate and as good as Britannica Encyclopedia.

Even lawyers are not any showing interest in subscribing journals and books,showing more inclination for using online web resources available in websites like All India Reporter ,Supreme Court Cases,state act &central acts available in their own Bar Association cyber centres.

Since early century ,the solicitors /lawyers office means huge collection of law books,law lexicon,voluminous commentaries,and journals like AIR manuals etc ,now laptops and Personal computers has replaced the books and journals,due to availability of all statues and journals in the websites,they are available with finger ouch.

Online Research&Reduction of library usage:

Most university campuses and colleges have "WI-FI" connectivity.The information is available with a click of button,no need to spend time in library for doing research.
Most students are opting to online research rather than subscribing the membership of public libraries,During 1990[when internet was not that popular],when I was student and teenager,I was used to visit to all public libraries in Hyderabad city ,like British Library,American centre [ASRC-O.U campus],Osmania university Main Library ,Central Library ,Afzalgunj,Hyderabad and City Central Library Ashok Nagar,Hyderabad and even I had opportunity to visit Hyderabad Central University library.
When I was law graduate student,my teachers used to advise us to do extensive reading of the books,spend time in libraries reading all journals and lengthy reference texts books like constituent assembly debates for deeper understanding of constitution or M.P Jain's two volume Constitution of India,Maxwell' s law of interpretation of statues ,Halsbury's Laws of England or Privy Council Judgments.

But it is matter of irony that ,the present generation of students ,don't even know that such books exists and treat to read.Ironically, most of them the students are unaware of cataloging process of books in library.
Reading Book is a thrill not E-Book:

Most people,who have opted out reading books for E-books will surely miss trill and enjoyment of the reading books especially during night -bedtime or during early morning with tea.There are many benefits of reading the books,when compared to reading E-books ,which will strain the eyes and brain.

Publishing companies and their worry:

Most publishing companies and writers are worried about the E-book revolution and wants to curb the piracy of their works.Most worrying aspect for all publishing companies is decrease in number of readers and web revolution like E-Book culture and online resources.
It is understandable ,they are trying desperately to increase the readers by conducting Book fairs ,collective reading sessions ,discounts sales and maintaining the book clubs.

We need to preserve the reading culture in web-revolution and It is advisable to in calculate the reading habits in children and teenagers.There is need to build awareness about benefits of regular reading.There is a need to curb the excessive internet usage,which is directly killing people's reading habits&reduction of motor skills.

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