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Two year contract Marriage -New proposed Mexican law

Two year contract Marriage-New proposed Mexican bill:

It is not good idea for signing up contract for marriage for temporary period rather than fighting divorce litigation in the  courts,but Mexicans are going to have such novel law from next year ie. 2012.Most Mexicans lovers,who are expected to engage in a serous relationship,might be excited about the proposed two year contract marriage law.  

According to statistics over 50 % of marriages in Mexico end in divorce,the Mexican law makers proposing two year renewable [temporary] contract marriage law with easy exit option with out legal hassles, expected to be tabled in the month of December for vote before legislators.

The initial marriage contract period will be two years,we can say ,it is temporary marriage,couple can go for renewable or easy and simple breakup with out any legal hassles,if their relationship is not working,there will be automatic divorce after completion of two year period.The said contract provide for child custody and visitation, as well as property division among spouses in the event of a split.

"The proposal is,when the two-year period ends, if the relationship is not stable or harmonious, the contract simply ends," says the bill's co-author,says  Luna from the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution,the party holds a majority of the assembly's 66 seats.

This is a unique bill made with intention to bring down acrimonious and protracted  costly litigation pertaining to marriage and alimony."Out of 33,000 couples that got married in the past two years in Mexico City, around 16,000 filed for divorce. Ending the marriage, Leonel Luna  says, costs approximately $3,500. The couple normally spends anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 in legal fees and attorneys and the Mexico City legal system absorbs the rest"

The BBC reports that the bill, which includes provisions on how children and property would be handled, is likely to go before legislators in December.

The liberals as well as  leftist are welcoming the proposed law  and traditionalist  as well as catholic Church criticizing the new law,are of view that two year contract is  mockery of concept of the marriage.It is immoral to go for contract.
"This reform is absurd. It contradicts the nature of marriage," said Hugo Valdemar, spokesman for the Mexican archdiocese. "It's another one of these electoral theatrics the assembly tends to do that are irresponsible and immoral."
In Indian urban  and metros cities ,there is a demand for per-nuptial agreement among spouses before entering into marital alliance,but it is limited to higher classes.Where, concept of live -in relationship is growing rapidly.The concept of live-in relationship with a legal protection can be a good idea ,helps in reducing exploitation of gullible women and neglect of children ,born out of such relationship. 

There is no legal recognition for such agreements by the courts,due to absence of law on the said agreements,but it only helps in resolving the disputes to a certain extent.India,predominately Hindu populated country,still regard marriage as a scared union  or holy union rather than civil contract with specific term.

The socio-economic conditions of the India are different from the other countries,moreover literacy levels are very poor,the legislators are not willing to experiment with new laws like Mexican law.

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