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What is Occupy Wall Street Movement ?

What is Occupy Wall Street Movement?

This is a new urban revolution,the Hundreds of people,even with pets [like dogs]gathered and occupied Zuccotti park plaza [NY],now it is called as 'Liberty park' in support of movement called"Occupy Wall Street Movement",while Zuccotti park neighbors complains about the noise of drums,garbage and people defecating near their doorsteps and the police looking to crackdown the OWS movement by charging with misdemeanor against the celebrities addressing the gathering at Zuccotti park and legal firms offering services like legal protection shields for the  participants,who may face any legal  action[like trespass or public nuisance]for being member of OWS movement,interestingly,similar movements started in London called "Occupy London Stock Exchange movement".It is reported in media that OWS has spread to over 90 countries[including Asian countries]across the world .
Greek youth getting inspiration from UK riots, which was started by unemployed youth,who were chasing few jobs or even one job and indulging in riots.Even in India,Telangana region's[which is in south Indian state called Andhra Pradesh]hundred of  educated unemployed youth chasing few government jobs and alleging that their jobs being fleeced by the youth,who are non-locals.Some of them[more than 600 students/youth]committing suicides,which resulted in mass movement with a  demand for separate state to protect their interest.
I don't see any difference between UK riots or Greek riots or s Delhi's Ram Leela grounds crowd gathering to support the  anti-corruption bill to clean up Indian system or Telangana mass movement,their demands are the same ,that is common good of the people,it may be employment,social equality,good governance or decent standard of living.
I don't see any difference between A.P High Court Advocates being physically lifted by the police for agitating for Telangana state or London Officials directing the people to vacate premises of the London Stock Exchange or operation Zoccutti park  clean up.

What is Occupy Wall Street Movement ?
The common questions asked by the commoners;what is OWS movement[ Zuccotti Park]?what are its demands?who is the author and inspire'r of the movement ?Why they are pushing such movement?Whether it has political agenda like overthrowing incumbent government and placing opposition in power?Whether movement's main aim is to change the political system or economic system ?Whether movement is pro-Marxist or Leninist agenda or free market agenda?Whether movement purely directed towards merely correcting faulty or defective financial system and expose the corporate greed?whether movement purely directed towards promoting social equality by reducing unemployment, promoting public health care,education or housing?Whether movement is the assertion of American Nationalism and promoting patriotic spirit among the nationals?Whether it is purely resentment of public that public money being spent in wars in the name of 9/11? 
We don't have immediate answer to above questions, because the main theme of the movement is not yet framed ,we don't know who has taken responsibility of framing the main issues of the movement.What we understand it is moral movement or value-based movement to restore the new world order.

The most protagonist of OWS movement allege that when America call itself world police or mentor of the world,when US itself is in myriad problems[financial crises to unemployment],How it can do justice to its own self -imposed duty of mentoring the world and world policing.
There is lot of resentment among the Americans for bailing out of big financial companies,who are responsible for financial mess or crises?There is deep sense of anger among Americans  and Europeans,directed towards big corporation for their greed for money at the cost of people's welfare and national's well being.
The most protesting people and experts were angry at US military spending in the name of 9/11 attacks,It is reported in media that US Congress had approved a total of about $859 billion for the military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs and veterans’ health care for the three operations initiated since the 9/11 attacks: Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan, Operation Noble Eagle (ONE) to provide enhanced security at military bases abroad, and, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF),what they called unproductive expenditure,while household and employment earning has been robust.
The people are critical of diverting money for unproductive expenses like war in the name of fighting terrorism,which resulted in financial crises.The experts say that US’s total public debt is over 100% of its GDP.
In the present global order,the corporates are flourishing by  plundering public wealth and other hand,thousand  of people are suffering from unemployed,poor public health and housing,there is growing sense of frustration in the youth population.
The Republican senator McCain gave an public statement expressing his sympathy with OWS movement,even Mr.ManMohan Singh,Indian Prime Minister and U.P.A Chairperson,Mrs Sonia  Gandhi expressing concern about growing  Corruption and giving public statement,they too supporting the Anna Hazare anti- corruption movement,eventually doing nothing to weed out of scourge of corruption.  

We don't know the immediate result of OWS movement and how the state will treat such movements.Whether OWS movement will achieve any result is hypothetical question.But created huge impact on the minds of general people,social scientist or social critics and there is a huge debate that the people wont keep quite,when state ignores welfare of the people by diverting public money for unproductive expenditure like war,there is also a debate in academic circles,what is an alternate to capitalism or free market economy,when corporates are being criticized for unjust profits and greed for money. 

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